Friday 2 March 2012

Some Attempted Forensic Monkey Humour

I thought I would take a break from all the usual techno-babble and post some questionable (but safe for work) humour/entertainment.

The first item is a GIF I made up for your exclusive viewing pleasure. I was inspired by various "They See Me Rollin, They Be Hatin" Internet Memes. For those that are interested, I used SIFT's GIMP editor - is there anything that SIFT cannot do?!
I did think of an alternative punchline but "They See 4N6 Monkeys Rolling ... They Be Deleting / Unallocating / Obfuscating" just didn't have the same ring to it. Plus it might lose the already tenous link to the "They Be Hatin" Meme Theme. Feel free to suggest alternative punchlines in the comments section. BTW the monkey is *supposed* to be giving you "2 thumbs up". He is not giving you the bird nor is he representin' his crew by flashing gangsta signs ;)

They Be Hatin Us Forensic Monkeys?

And speaking of how monkeys roll, Amazon has this awesome rolling backpack - I'm not too sure how it would play in client meetings though ...

Surely They Can't Be Hatin This?!

Here's another Internet meme relating to those mysterious little balls of fluff that work their way inside your PC. I *think* I got it from the Lifehacker website a few months ago.

Meet Mr Dust Bunny

And now for the finale - the BEST EVER LOLCAT - as found on Dave Hull's Blog:

Whats The Matter? Cat Got Your Tongue?

I was going to include a couple of Dilbert cartoons in this post and I did email them asking for permission but they haven't responded (in time).

Thus ends this brief humourous/humour-less/semi-amusing post. If you enjoyed it, be sure to tip your waiter (leave a comment)  ...